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Countdown to Lions vs Westview

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Please see the FLAG schedule link below for information on what parents should bring to help feed the team after each game. Thank You for supporting the Dresden Lions!

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Irby Bowers 5/7/2012

"Oh yeah!***RECORD SETTING!!!*** Our mighty Lion, Todd Morgan, just BENCHED 410 POUNDS!! Raw lift, no gear or help from any braces either (of course there were some spotters, like all power-lifters have), but this he-man did it just straight bench, more weight than anyone in our school's history, AND THIS IS THE RECORD FOR THE ENTIRE NATION TOO (i think). It will be on youtube the video I saw.. sorry I was not there to see this as it happened, I KNEW Todd could do it, what an incredible feat for any grown man to do, and this is a teen, a sophomore. HAHA! Just think, all the area's teams we play will have to put up with Todd's pulverizing hits and strength! AND they'll have to endure the ferocity of the REST of our Lions as well. LOOK on youtube for the FACT OF TODD MORGAN's RECORD BENCH PRESS!!! arr arr arr arr! woo whoo! YES! CONGRATULATIONS TODD! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU MAN! I KNEW YOU'D DO IT! And the Lions will do mighty big things in THIS YEAR's SEASON too. After all Todd, YOU just set the pace and gave them a standard and inspiration that WILL carry over onto the field, and classroom also. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN, YOU CAN.. (and, if you think you can't, you can't! Attitude determines altitude!). GO LIONS! #1 ALL THE WAY!!! :-)"

Larry Jolley 5/2/2012

"Looking forward to a Great year for the Dresden Lions Football in 2012. Same heart, Same Dedication, Same Determination, Equals the Same Results as 2011. Go Dresden Lions! DLU !"

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